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KAPIM is a labor outsourcing and business process automation company specializing in utilities, industrial services, logistics and transportation support. KAPIM exists to help businesses improve quality and reduce costs, especially with labor-intensive and manual tasks. Our customer service analysts are specifically trained to meet each client’s unique business needs.

Today’s business evolves quickly. We develop relevant automation models to suit an organization’s specific needs. Our complete products cover advisory services, project execution, call center, BPO, training and development. KAPIM also provides team, staff, and customer support services (B2B) to help clients improve their automation technology processes. No one can deny the revolution within the business world due to digitalization. Many organizations struggle to develop the basic RPA framework. KAPIM continually follows trends and evolves with the entire RPA ecosystem making it easier to position our clients for partial and complete scale automation.

KAPIM scales your business environment to streamline each product you need to provide
Management by Objective (MBO).

Meet the Team.

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Sean D. Hammerle


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PAulo E. Santos

VP of Sales and Marketing

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Associate Director of Sales and Marketing

Kapim’s call center was designed to provide clients with the highest levels of customer service. We treat your clients like family.

Our teams of dedicated call center agents expertly focus on service while taking customer calls to:

  • Answer questions about statements

  • Improve the customers understanding of their bill

  • Assist with scheduling

  • Inbound/outbound calls

  • Process payments

Our Values.

These four values have become the company’s guiding principles for success. In the business of automation and outsourcing, the KAPIM team understands the value we bring to other organizations. Therefore, we continually strive to provide innovative technological differences for small and large businesses.

Trustworthy and Reliable
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About Us

KAPIM’s Incremental Approach to Operations and Workforce automation:

Workforce automation is at the core of improving employee-employer relations. Here is how KAPIM can help you make the shifts to a digital workforce in phases:

Identify and recommend tools required to develop the proper RPA project implementation framework. In addition, we provide estimates and create the value proposition for project initiation for clients.

KAPIM’s innovative project analysis leads to efficient and timely project execution. As a result, we help companies achieve their timelines within budget and scale up to meet desired deliverables.

KAPIM offers operational frameworks to keep project processes running efficiently. It leads to sustainable development and lasting RPA benefits at both B2B and B2C ends. 

KAPIM research, training, and development tools help a workforce with innovative automation tools to deliver their services. As a result, your workforce can now provide RPA solutions to meet each service need efficiently and effectively. 

KAPIM helps organizations automate critical workforce and project processes in line with best practices. We help create the right ecosystem for long-term project execution. 

KAPIM works with a team of internal and external automation partners to deliver turnkey solutions for business automation. In addition, other key players in the digital automation ecosystem help us achieve technology and labor solutions in training, technology access, and process development. 

At KAPIM, we reduce the time spent on the basics and allow your workforce to focus on the core business model. Our RPA approach enables your organization to reap the benefits of automation faster than imagined. 

What makes any team outstanding is putting together a team of top minds to get the job done. At KAPIM, we work with the best team, technical and business professionals across disciplines in automation and technology. Some possess over a decade of cognate experience in intelligence and automation technology. 

At KAPIM, we work with a passionate team that loves what they do. Each team member comes with an expertise in systems execution background. Our crew cut across teams with leadership, structure engineering, and project management expertise in automation implementation. 

Our primary focus at KAPIM is to help clients achieve product discovery, construction, and transformation. In addition, we do intelligent automation to accelerate deep automation implementations and improve selection processes.  

KAPIM processes also help clients cut down on the cost of transformation and reduce the risk in project implementation. Such actions will help to increase profitability or scale project progress up.  

KAPIM is your trustworthy partner for business automation, customer relationship management, and building a corporate workforce. We see ourselves as serving a client and building relationships with both our staff and clients.  

At KAPIM, we believe in diversity to bring about healthy competition and creativity amongst our staff. Integrity, reliability, accountability, and trust are core ingredients for succeeding in any endeavor. That is the type of organization we strive to represent to our customers and workforce – Christian Schutz. 

We hire the right talents, support them, and allow them to bring their A-game to the table. That is one reason our workforce always feels motivated, and our clients appreciate what we do. 

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