OnQ conducted a comprehensive review of world labor markets and identified Panama as the best location to provide clients with accessibility, stability, highly-educated, English-speaking population and a good cultural fit for American business.

Panama’s benefits include:

  • Positive cost structure & substantial labor pool
  • Accessibility – only 3 hours from Houston, Central Standard Time
  • Internationally rated as one of the best and most stable countries in Latin America for  business and investment with an economic growth surpassing 10% in both  2011 and 2012.
  • Strong, productive relations between the U.S. and Panama – partners since 1903 (Panama Canal) and recently renewed bilateral trade agreement.

Finally, OnQ has developed a unique partnership with the University of Panama. We play an influential role in the University’s curriculum and have access to the best and brightest graduates from the University.

Panama Map Blue Dot Pattern