International Living

Panama Sarah in International Living and more.

My life changed in 2002 when I saw my first International Living magazine on a client’s coffee table in Singapore. Within a few pages I was hooked, and I soon attended IL conferences in New Orleans, Mexico, and Ecuador. Just a year later, I made my dream a reality with my first overseas investment in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Almost before I realized what was happening, I turned that 650 sq ft apartment into a thriving business- and discovered a whole new way of life.


With all the buzz going around about Panama- affordable living, great weather, a vibrant expat community, and countless investment opportunities- I made my first of many investments here in 2006. At the time, I never dreamed that a 2-bedroom penthouse purchased for less than $100,000 would bring me $800 per week with a 90% occupancy rate! I consider it among the best choices I’ve made in my life- one that continues to finance my dream-like lifestyle almost without a second thought.

If you’re not ready for retirement yet- no problem. I wasn’t. Your transition to Panama doesn’t have to happen all at once. Let your newly acquired property here earn its keep while you tie up the loose ends back home. You might find that your investments here earn you just as much- maybe more- than your 9 to 5 ever did.


If it weren’t for International Living, I might have never made that first step. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunities they managed to unlock within me. Now, I have made it my own goal to help others realize the wonderful and totally attainable reality of “living internationally” – whatever their person visions may be.