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Driving Factors

Certain situations call for an objective, expert opinion to get you from point A to point B.  Hill Country Imaging Associates (HCIA) – a state of the art inpatient/outpatient diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology group – found themselves looking to identify a partner to help in the process of re-engineering their radiology practice.  “Like many practices suffering from reduction in reimbursement, our practice had seen a decline in financial performance, so we sought a partner that could provide expert, objective insight into the business operations of our practice,” said Dr. Gene Bishop, President of Hill Country Imaging Associates.

HCIA felt isolated and wanted to better understand how their performance compared with similar practices.  They wanted solid, honest feedback with realistic go-forward options to meet their needs and goals, not a plan that looked good on paper, but was unachievable.  “OnQ conducted a thorough review of our revenue cycle and crafted a comprehensive, yet reasonable plan of action within parameters that worked for us,” said Dr. Bishop.

Maximizing Effectiveness Across the Entire Revenue Cycle

OnQ’s audit included physician interviews, coding review, a complete billing operation performance review, financial analysis, and lastly – a scorecard.  Personal interviews were conducted with each physician in the group to ensure all goals were heard and included.  Coding samples that were selected on a random basis from each physician were carefully examined.  A detailed coding report was produced, along with specific improvement opportunities.  Next, an appraisal of billing operations that included a review of current size, volumes, systems, and an ROI analysis was conducted.  OnQ then reviewed income statements, balance sheets, ad hoc reports and charts, and other miscellaneous data to generate a thorough financial analysis.

Finally, OnQ presented a performance scorecard to Hill Country, which identified service areas, graded metrics and comments and suggestions for moving forward.

When asked to rate the service provided by OnQ, Dr. Bishop quickly said it was money well spent and rated the team a  5 out of 5 based on attention to detail, excellence in follow through and thoroughly addressing any questions.

Quantitative Business Intelligence

HCIA was provided with OnQ’s best in class proprietary business intelligence reporting, which offers complete transparency into financial performance and makes sense of complex data.  OnQ provided benchmarking capability to measure how HCIA compares with similar practices, identified areas of success, and noted opportunities for improvement.  Through its real-time BI tool, OnQ customized dashboards for Hill Country that included posting variability, payment variability, reimbursement per RVU, physician productivity, and others.  This instant access provided Hill Country executives and physicians with comprehensive insight into business operations with the best savings of all – time.  Healthcare is rapidly changing and more than ever it’s about processing claims efficiently and working smarter than ever before.  Hill Country trusted OnQ’s expertise to create a fresh, customized solution with a high quality, maximum-efficiency return.

“In addition to sharing their expertise in revenue cycle management, our billing software and the radiology market in general, they provided fantastic, personalized service that is hard to come by.  OnQ is the kind of company you want to work with – they exceeded our expectations and remain an active, vigilant partner as we execute our business plan,” said Dr. Bishop.

Innovative Partner

Dr. Bishop regards OnQ as a business partner and we stand ready to be yours too.  With OnQ in your corner, you have access to some of the brightest minds and best resources in healthcare.  Be assured that we want nothing more than to watch you succeed.  We aren’t here to be just another outsourcing company – we want to partner with you to solve the challenges you face, not simply throw solutions at problems you may not even have.  Our team of seasoned healthcare executives knows it takes original ideas to make real, quantifiable progress in healthcare.

OnQ is uniquely qualified to provide innovative solutions informed by data and technology.  We combine Big Data driven reporting systems, global labor markets, enterprise-grade Cisco infrastructure and years of revenue cycle management experience to analyze and solve a variety of problems. Analysis is great, but it loses value without actionable meaning.

OnQ offers the latest innovative solutions, including:

  • Advanced visual reporting;
  • Sophisticated analytical tools;
  • Real-time, on-demand insight into business operations;
  • Direct interfaces with your systems;
  • Revenue cycle automation;
  • Seamless integration between third party vendors;
  • Customized programming and reporting;

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