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The story of You+One®

Imagine the opportunity to wear something that offers You the high vibration of peace, purpose and feelgood energy, + offers comfort, warmth and peace to one?

You+One® was created in support of YOU; through rawenergywear™ wearables with peace, purpose and feelgood energy, and to bring comfort, warmth and peace to One who is touched by cancer. $1 form every rawenergywear™ sold is donated to Project BeamON, a Canadian non-for-profit organization which is dedicated to making a difference for adults and children with cancer, through the donation of Canadian milled organic cotton Reiki-blankets.

From The feelgood Company, rawenergywear™, You+One® + Project BeamON together we’re let’s continue make a difference. with gratitude, Rose A. Weinberg, Founder

The story Project BeamON

Project BeamON, a worldwide not-for-profit-organization committed to donating Reiki-blankets to people with cancer in an effort to provide comfort, warmth and peace during their healing process.

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