thefeelgood company | The rawenergywear™ Story
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The rawenergywear™ Story

“Live one day at a time, in purpose to achieve moments of peace, and feelgood always.”

Rose A. Weinberg

“Recognizing the ability to connect to our higher consciousness by tuning out the noise of low vibration, and tune into a higher vibration of peace, purpose and feelgood energy, is often a challenge in our day-to-day life. Imagine, the ability to wear, hold or share this connection? An ordinary item, offering you an extraordinary higher vibrational connection every time you wear it, hold it or share it. Living one-day-at-a-time, in peace, purpose and feelgood energy is possible with rawenergwear™.

– with love & gratitude, Rose A. Weinberg, founder of The feelgood Company

Imagine the opportunity to wear something that offers You the high vibration of peace, purpose and feelgood energy?

The story of rawenergywear™

The story of rawenergywear™ begins with the story of Rose A. Weinberg who transformed her past of panic disorder, fear and an undiagnosed autoimmune disease, into a spiritual journey of wellbeing. Through commitment to her own personal and spiritual growth she fulfilled her 3 purposes set forth at age 31. To be a extraordinary wife and mom to her extraordinary husband and two kids, to find her purpose, and to simply feelgood.

Today, Rose lives feelgood, and helps others with their own transformations to feelgood. She humbles herself as a fulfilled Wife, Mom, dog lover, business women and healer. Over the past 17 years Rose created a unique approach for attainable and sustainable wellness, offering people simple wellness choices to feelgood at work, rest and play.

I Recognize the day-to-day challenges of a busy life, filled with stress and possible moments of not-feelgood. With deep awareness I’ve developed through personal and spiritual growth ways to create a day filled with peace, purpose and feelgood energy. Attaining this is simple, through morning practice and breathing feelgood is achievable. Sustaining the peaceful feel good energy, through out the day is the challenge. As our days get busy, things come up, how do we stay in the higher vibration of peace, purpose and feelgood energy that is needed to be fulfilled? In 2006, I was gifted with an unique serge of high vibrational rawenergy that escalated my Universal Reiki connection to a clearer understanding of what is gratitude and moments of peace. I began using this high vibration, personally, professionally and spiritually. When human stressors, and triggers would show up in a day, I take a NOWbreath™, it’s like a nanosecond of re-connection to the higher vibration of peace. Through all this, I began infuse and attuning her everyday wearables and other items, T’shirt, hoodie, bandana, pocket crystal and blankets to create the extraordinary rawenergy+Reiki in each item. It’s time to share this with you, through rawenergywear™. Fulfilling my purpose to fulfill you with peace, purpose and feelgood energy every time you wear a rawenergywear™ item.

Wear it, hold it, share it, create extraordinary with rawenergywear™, with love and gratitude, Rose A. Weinberg, Founder